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VIDEO: 'Thug monkey' kidnaps a puppy for three days


A combo image shows the monkey holding the puppy.

Gulf Today Report

In a strange incident, a number of people managed to save a small puppy, which was kidnapped by a monkey for 3 days in Taman Lestari Putra in Malaysia.

The thug monkey kidnapped the little two-week-old black and white puppy, now named Saroo, from the ground and moved towards a tall tree.

A video clip filmed by a rescuer shows anxious residents watching the monkey holding on to the puppy on a tree top.

They tried to urge the monkey to leave the puppy by throwing small stones and wood but nothing worked. They finally decided to set off fireworks on the ground, hoping that the loud noise would scare the monkey, and it succeeded.

The monkey dropped the little dog and left the scene. The fell on the ground after the thick leaves of the trees softened its fall.

The three residents went to search for him. One of them found him and brought him back to the neighborhood.

A resident said: "The puppy looked tired and exhausted, but the monkey didn't seem to hurt the puppy. The monkey was holding the puppy as it moved. It looked like it was treating the puppy like a friend or a child.”

Pictures appeared online showing the poor dog seemed to be starving.

According to local media, the resident and some neighbors had gone to the area where the monkey was last seen three times, but the monkey always outdid them.

The media pointed out that the dog was examined for injuries, and was adopted by a local resident.

The puppy is believed to be in good health.

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