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UAE's vaccination rate nears 100% mark


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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The UAE health authorities said on Tuesday that the UAE population is at the top globally in the rate of receiving vaccine doses per 100 people, compared to countries whose population exceeds one million.

91% of the UAE population has received at least one does of the vaccine.

Around 80% of the UAE population has taken two doses of vaccine which is second in the world.

At the first place is Portugal whose 81% of population has taken both doses of vaccine.

This reflects the success of the state's strategy in providing vaccines to various groups of society in order to reach community immunity.

The UAE ranks third in the world in the number of COVID-19 detection tests conducted per 1,000 population for countries with more than one million inhabitants, according to Our World in Data from the start of the pandemic until the Sept.12, 2021.

Vaccines generally contribute to preventing infection and complications of disease, admission to hospitals, reducing hospital stays, and not needing ventilators compared to the unvaccinated group in the UAE.

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