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VIDEO: Strong winds make waterfall move upwards

A waterfall move upwards due to strong winds.

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Strong winds created a “strange” natural phenomenon by shifting the trajectory of an Australian waterfall in the upward direction instead falling down, according to Sky News Arabia.

In detail, a video footage showed the strange phenomenon of water mist flying upwards from the strength of the strong winds that hit Sydney in Australia.

According to nature experts, this phenomenon is achieved when the waterfall is hit by high winds coming from the nearby ocean.

The wind speed reached more than 75 km per hour in those areas which causes a strong impact on the edge of the waterfall, making the water go upwards.

Social media users were quick to react to the clip, with some claiming it was video edited to get social media likes.

A water flows backwards off a cliff in Australia.

A professor at King Saud University Dr Moshrif wrote on Twitter, “Rare phenomenon, the reason is that the velocity of the air stream coming from the sea is heading towards the mountain, starting and reversing the top of the mountain, and it is faster than the speed of the waterfall descending downwards, so the water of the waterfall rises with the rise of the air stream to the top of the mountain!...”

Another Twitter user wrote, “A phenomenon worth looking for..!!! But not to be visited in that strong winds…”

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