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Eligible UAE residents must take COVID-19 booster dose on time


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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The UAE government urged eligible members of the public to get the booster COVID-19 dose on time in order to avoid infection.

The health experts during a media briefing on the latest development on coronavirus issued the statement.

The authorities said that vaccines generally contribute to preventing infection and complications of disease, admission to hospitals, reducing hospital stays, and not needing ventilators compared to the unvaccinated group.

It was announced that the booster doses for the vaccine were provided, and these doses contributed to greatly enhancing immunity, thus reducing the number of cases we are witnessing at the present time.

The booster dose is the additional dose after obtaining two basic dose of vaccination.

It improves immunity to reach levels capable of protecting the body from the virus.

The authorities said, “Therefore, we recommend that individuals who are eligible for the booster dose be sure to take it on time.”

The seasonal flu season these days coincides with the COVID-19 pandemic, and the symptoms of both diseases are very similar.

Vaccination is the most effective and safe method of infection prevention and the most successful medical intervention.

The experts said, “We recommend community members to take the seasonal influenza vaccination, and we also remind you of the importance of initiating the COVID-19 vaccination and that the recommended interval between influenza vaccination and COVID-19 vaccination is two weeks.”

“We encourage individuals to go to health centers and take the seasonal influenza vaccine to provide protection against common viruses.

“Especially for the groups most vulnerable to influenza complications, namely: the elderly, people with chronic diseases, pregnant women and children, especially under 5 years old.”

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