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Drug addict posing as a cop ‘raids’ another drug user’s house, carts aways narcotics


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An Australian drug addict devised a gory way to seize drugs possessed by his own associates.

As all of them were drug addicts, the defendant knew that his associates had stacked up drugs at their home.

Daniel Thomas and his accomplice dressed in Victorian police uniform ‘raided ‘ the drug user's home at a Lilydale, Melbourne home on July 25, 2016.

They stormed the associate's den, screaming 'This is a police raid' and 'Where are your drugs?'

Thomas’ two victims thought it was a real police raid and handed over their ice (crystal meth) and cannabis stash before being beaten so badly with a hammer that police thought they had died.

'This is a police raid. Get on the floor face down. Where are your drugs?'

The moment Thomas and a co-accused entered the house, they shouted, "This is a police raid. Where are the drugs?"

Believing that his victims were holding back , Thomas beat one of them with a hammer until he passed out.

After regaining consciousness the victim was told that his mate has been killed and was asked to hand over the drugs at home to the police.

This is when the victim realised that it was not the police.

The other victim woke up and was hit in the head then his pants were pulled down and the posterior spread to check for drugs.

After seizing all the drugs in the house Thomas and his associate fled the scene.

They had beaten their victims so brutally that when the real police officers arrived, they believed the men had died and began taking photos of their bodies.

They realised their mistake when one of the men moved.

When police tracked down a Thomas over the vicious attack, he pulled out a knife and lunged at an officer.

He warned he would kill the police officers if they went near him. However, cops controlled him with taser and capsicum spray.

The Victoria's Supreme Court jailed Thomas for 11-and-a-half-years.

He was ordered to serve at least nine years before being eligible for parole.

He pleaded guilty to aggravated burglary and a series of other charges.

Thomas' victims have not returned to work and both are expected to suffer lifelong complications from their injuries.

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