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VIDEO: Hawk attacks chicken in Netherlands farm, rooster and goat come to the rescue

A combo image shows the Hawk attacking a chicken at a farm in Netherlands.

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As the saying goes, “A friend in need is a friend indeed…” and this is what happened on a farm in the Netherlands when a hawk managed to capture a chicken. The rest of the animals confronted the falcon. The rooster fought the predator.
The goat rushed towards it, striking the hawk with its horns. The result was that the falcon had to leave the prey and fly away from the place.

According to the media reports, the incident occurred on Sept.5, when Dutchman Jaap Beets, 59, was on his farm in the province of Gelderland, central Holland.

The horrific video captured by the surveillance camera shows the moment the huge hawk swooped down like a bomb falling from the sky on a brown chicken that was sitting on the grass in the middle of the field.

The hawk was able to catch the chicken despite its resistance.

Everyone who watched the video thought that the chicken must have died, and here the value of friendship and the defense of one family for its members appeared.

A rooster lunged, and bravely stood up to the hawk.

This confused the hawk, and gave the rest of the animals a chance to move.

According to the media, the brave goat Bruin appeared, and it came rushing from the other side of the field, and swooped the bird of prey, which got was very confused when it found itself facing a rooster and a goat.

The chicken managed to escape its claws and fled into the enclosure, while the rest of the chickens rushed into to protect against the hawk, the goats and rooster were also able to drive away the hawk flew away from the farm.

Commenting on the incident, farmer Beets, who lives with his wife Karina, said, “I ran out quickly when I heard screaming and shouting and the sounds of chaos on the farm.  

The rooster and goats in defense of our chicken, she had minor injuries and is doing well.

"This is the third attack of the hawks in recent years, and in the previous two times, goats and turkeys confronted the attackers," Beets added.

The stunning footage of the rescue has been viewed more than 500,000 times on social media. People praised the goats as a "hero" and some compared the rescue to what happens in the "Disney Adventures" movies.

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