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Emirati adventurer speaks peace from mountain peaks


Saeed Al Memari is the first Emirati adventurer to climb the seven highest peaks in the world. Supplied photo

Raghib Hassan, Staff Reporter

Celebrated Emirati adventurer and mountain climber Saeed Al Memari is a national icon. He is an inspiration for the country. His passion for climbing and his mission of peace is indeed praiseworthy.

He has many accolades under his belt, from being the first Emirati to climb Mount Everest to becoming the first Emirati to climb K2, the most dangerous peak in the world twice. 

He is also the first Emirati adventurer to climb the seven highest peaks in the world.

The unique initiative “Peak for Peace” is the brainchild of Saeed.


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Peak for Peace is an initiative to climb the highest peaks of the world to spread the message of tolerance and love from the country of peace, the United Arab Emirates, to the entire world.

Emirati-adventurer-750 Saeed Al Memari was appreciated by Albin Thomas for his untiring effort on Monday in Fujairah. Photo by Kamal Kassim

Saeed’s goal is to reach 246 peaks in seven continents to spread the message in five years’ time.

He has completed 68 peaks out of 246 peaks so far, so his journey is on and his courage is unwavering.

During his journey, he carries a letter of peace, the peace model and a book of peace with him.

The initiative is supported by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Hamad Al Sharqi, the Crown Prince of Fujairah.

Therefore to appreciate the national icon, Hadi Exchange presented  a memento “Award For Honour,” to the Emirati adventurer on Monday afternoon in the presence of the local media for his untiring efforts.

Talking about his celebrated journey, a humble and soft-spoken Saeed said, “When I became the first mountaineer in the UAE to climb Mount Everest I became a national hero instantly. There were not many mountaineers during that time. So I got motivated to continue and started climbing and that’s how I moved ahead. I always say, keep climbing. I still have a long way to go.”

When asked to share his favourite climbing experience, he said, “Every mountain has its own challenges, weather conditions and terrain, I enjoy all of them.”

Sharing the experience of his unique initiative he said, “I am getting lots of response from everywhere. Everyone wants peace and they all appreciate me and my mission.”

Praising Saeed’s passion and dedication, Alby Thomas of Hadi Exchnage said, “We wanted to boost his mission. We should motivate him for his generous cause. We might be the first exchange house to support such a cause and we are proud to be associated with Saeed. We appreciate his dedication and hard work. We salute him.”

Sharing his passion for mountain climbing, he said, “I was every time looking for something since a very early age. I tried many sports but I find myself in the mountains. Where I find myself acclimatising to high altitude with the cold weather.

“I am not facing that problem where I see many Europeans, they are living in cold weather and are facing lots of problems. For me coming from the sea level plus 50˚C, my body was very good for the mountains.

“I was at home in the mountains and that’s how it all started. I believe everyone has something in their body but they have to search for it,” he quipped. When asked what lessons he has learnt through his journey of climbing, he said, “As you know we are living in a mountain without anything. Sleeping on the stone, facing lots of problems, weather conditions, issues regarding food. We feel how poor people live without food and home. So I respect everything now more.

“What we have in the UAE we have everything. We never think about lots of things, like food or house. When I come home I feel grateful for everything Allah has given to me. It makes me more humble.”

Saeed is the director of Fujairah Adventures Centre, the first government centre in the UAE dedicated to adventure activities.

He is a dedicated volunteer and has contributed a lot of community initiatives in co-operation with a number of entities and institutions.

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