Drug addict stabs his father 36 times 'for refusing to give him money,' sentenced to death in Al Ain - GulfToday

Drug addict stabs his father 36 times 'for refusing to give him money,' sentenced to death in Al Ain


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The Al Ain Criminal Court issued a ruling convicting a young Emirati man of killing his father with 36 stab wounds, and damaging his brother's car, by deliberately hitting it with his car several times in order to prevent him from taking his father to the hospital.

The murderer was sentenced to death by retribution after the aggrieved parties insisted on retribution and refused a pardon.

In the details of the case, according to witnesses and investigations, the accused was constantly asking for money from the father, who sometimes gave it and refrained from other times, knowing that the accused used it to buy psychotropic substances.

The accused used to beat his father whenever he refused to provide him with money to buy drugs.

On the day of the incident, which occurred after Tarawih prayers during the month of Ramadan, the accused lured the victim to the courtyard of the house under the pretext of talking to him, and as soon as he approached him at an appropriate distance, he stabbed him 36 times with a sharp scalpel in different parts of his body. 


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When the accused's brother saw the incident from the balcony of his room, he went down to the hall of the house, where he put his father in his car and tried to help him, but the accused hit his brother's car several times with his car until it became unable to move.

On the other hand, the second brother who was outside the home reported to the police, after hearing the sound of his father’s screaming while talking to him on the mobile phone after the incident. The brother knew that he was going to speak with the accused in the courtyard of the house and that the latter used to beat him.

On the other hand, the victim's brother also ran to rescue his brother and took him to the hospital, but he was already dead.

The family prosecution in the city of Al-Ain had referred the accused to the Criminal Court on charges of premeditated murder, and the he was also accused of deliberately damaging his brother's vehicle by hitting it with his vehicle knowing that his father, the victim, was inside it in order to prevent him from being rescued and completing the crime.

He was also accused of consuming a psychoactive substance ("Pregabalin") without a medical prescription as required by law.

In its pleading before the court, the Public Prosecution demanded the imposition of the maximum penalty on the accused, and considered that the fact that the victim was the accused's father was an aggravating circumstance.

As for the defense lawyer, he argued that the accused committed the crime under the influence of a state of temporary insanity as a result of drug use, and relying on the accused's statements that he could not remember any of the facts of the crime, which was denied by the medical committee which stressed that the accused was responsible for his actions and statements at the time of the incident.

The court affirmed its conviction that the crime was committed intentionally, due to the accused's insistence on completing the crime by preventing the rescue of the victim.

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