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VIDEO: King Cobra stands tall during rescue operation in India

A videograb shows the Cobra outside the bathroom door in Karnataka.

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A video of snake rescue operation has gone viral on social media.

In fact, we could say the rescuer got new lease of life as the reptile involved was a King Cobra.

The incident took place in Belthangady, small town in Karnataka.

Residents spotted the 14-foot long king cobra inside a bathroom and immediately alerted a local rescuer.

Snake expert Ashoke arrived at the scene to remove the snake from the premises.

Ashoke was seen using a rescue tong to catch the tail of the Cobra, which was outside the bathroom door.

In seconds, the massive cobra appears out of the door standing at 4 feet tall.

This made Ashoke panicked. He had to step back to avoid being bitten by the majestic creature.

The snake was later rescued and released to the nearby forest.

IFS officer Parveen Kaswan shared the video on Twitter, and wrote, “How not to rescue a snake. Especially if it’s a king cobra.

The person just got a second life actually.”

Kaswan also said, “King cobras are majestic creatures.

The scientific name is; Ophiophagus hannah. “Ophiophagus” is derived from Greek, meaning “snake-eating” and hannah is derived from the name of tree-dwelling nymphs in Greek mythology.

“Their diet includes other all other snakes.”

A curious Twitteratti, Salew Mao asked, “In case of bite, what is the probable time of his survival? Can he be cured if given an anti-venom timely?”

Another user, Pranav Pandey wrote, “King Cobra delivers most amount of venom in a bite and survival time is between 8-45 minutes. Scary!”

Jon Ronson said, “About 15 to 20 mins I think... King Cobras inject a very high quantity of venom due to their size.”

Another wrote, “Only countries like Thailand holds the anti-v for the king. Highly unlikely to secure it here on time...”

Sandeep Iyer said, “I don't think any animal deserves the title of King quite like the King Cobra. What a majestic beast!”

Kali Das wrote, “Only when one shows fear, the snakes sense something wrong and strike. If one stays normal as this guy, snake won't react or bite you. Just like everything one does need to learn the art.”

Rajiv Belavadi said, “Since he is an expert snake catcher, even though he panicked a little, he stood his ground. Nevertheless he was lucky.”

The video surely gave chills to netizens, especially when the Cobra appears tall outside the door.

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