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VIDEO: Assassin kills man Hollywood style at New York neighbourhood

A videograb shows the killer keeping an eye on the victim.

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The Queens neighbourhood of New York City witnessed a horrific murder committed by a professional killer, after stalking his victim in a street, hiding his features away from the cameras, and shooting him in a few seconds before fleeing, according to a video published by the US police on Friday.

Surveillance cameras at the scene recorded the crime, which was carried out by the killer, who succeeded in concealing his identity by wearing a long black dress and a hat, and a medical mask, which completely concealed his features on the empty road. In the video published by the New York Police, the killer was seen parking his car on the side of the road, and pretending there was a defect in the car, so he raised the hood and hid his face inside it.

He was waiting for his victim, who’s car was parked on the other side of the road in the same place.

As soon as the victim came and opened his car door, the killer rushed towards him and shot him in the head, killing him instantly.

After ensuring the victim's death, the perpetrator quickly returned to his car, closed its hood, and fled before someone could spot him in the street.

The US police announced that the crime took place last Monday in the Queens neighbourhood near John F. Kennedy Airport.

They were forced to release the video on Friday, in the hope of finding the killer. Police said the victim is Jeremy Dixon, 46, from Georgia, who has a criminal record, having previously been imprisoned for gang-related activities.

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