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VIDEO: Snake crawls into man sleeping on pavement

A videograb shows the snake approaching the man.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

A man sleeping in the streets had a horrified encounter in the middle of the night.

A video shared on social media showed a man sleeping on the pavement in an Indian city.

Minutes later, a cobra appears in the frame. The snake is seen crawling towards the man sleeping on the rug.

The snake then creeps into the blanket the man is seen using.

Moments later, the man changes sides. It is then he realizes that there is smoothing on the rug in which he is sleeping.

He removes the blanket to see a cobra in the rug.

The man can be seen jumping from the jump to go as far as possible from the snake. 

The cobra can be seen attacking the man but narrowly misses.

It is not clear which CCTV recorded the video but netizens were horrified after seeing the video.

The forest service officers later inspected the area for the snake.

Instagram Hennouda said, “Oh my God, when I see the video, I am shocked, thank God it didn’t bite…”

Others have called for a proper place to be set up for homeless people to avoid such incidents.

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