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VIDEO: Man rescues child from electrocution on a street in Egypt

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A videograb shows child coming in contact with an electric pole.

Mahmoud Ads, Gulf Today

A few moments make a great difference in rescuing life of a person. In a video that has gone viral on Facebook, a brave man rescued a child, who was exposed to electrocution in a public street, in Al Muneer village, Al Sharqiya Governorate, Egypt.

In just 10 seconds, a boy had been exposed to electrocution when he touched an electrify pole before a man rushed and pulled him by his full strength to rescue him.   

The child who is called “Reda” got frozen in his place when he touched a pole, and the passersby quickly noticed him and tried to rescue him.

“Without any hesitation, I rushed and grabbed the boy, and did not think that I could be electrocuted too,” the man, Mohammed Ibrahim Eid, said.

He continues: "It was as if my brain was malfunctioning and I intervened with all my strength so that the electricity would not catch me, but the strange thing is that the child's body did not have a short circuit and I did not feel any electricity when I pulled him out.”

It was also of his good luck that a nurse by chance, Hajar Osama, was passing the moment of rescuing the child. She provided the boy with first aid, which helped him overcome the crisis.

The young man who rescued the child indicated that a few days ago, people noticed a short circuit in the pole that electrocuted the child.

The electricity company was informed to repair it, and they responded immediately.

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