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Maid steals jewellery, cash from employer’s bedroom


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Aya Al Deeb, Staff Reporter

Though they were very happy that they had their first baby, Mohammed and his wife were constantly preoccupied with finding a way to take care of him because they had long working hours. Finally, Mohammed decided to recruit a maid to look after the baby but during his search for a maid in the labour recruitment offices, he realided that he was not financially capable of recruiting one.

Yet, while he was browsing social media sites, he came across a post about female workers who worked on an hourly basis at an attractive price. He called the number given in the post and agreed with them to hire a woman to look after his baby while he and his wife were at work.

The woman came on the first day and met Mohammed and his wife who were comfortable with her because she was experienced with looking after children. Mohammed and his wife went for work and when they returned, they found that the woman had looked after the baby perfectly well.

Mohammed paid the woman the first day charges but was surprised the following day that the woman did not come. He called the numbers but found that they were out of service. Later, he discovered that his wife’s jewelleryand some cash had disappeared from his bedroom.

Mohammed reported the incident to the police and it was later found that the account from which Mohammed hired the woman was unlicensed and belonged to people who used numbers registered in names outside the country. At this point, he realised that he fell victim to fraud.

Meanwhile, the federal public prosecution affirmed that dealing with licensed entities and concluding official contracts is the right way to protect rights and avoid the risks of falling victim to fraud.

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