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Diner leaves $10,000 tip with a $144 bill for workers at Florida restaurant

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A diner left a $10,000 tip to share among the 10 staff.

Syed Shayaan Bakht, Gulf Today

In the US state of Florida, a diner at a restaurant left a $10,000 tip to share among the 10 staff he gathered.

The dinner bill was $144.

The incident happened last Tuesday.

A staffer said the man, wife and their son finished dinner at our Wahoo Seafood Grill.


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The owner of Wahoo, Shawn Shepherd, received several calls from his employees that night and was informed about the big tip.

Shepherd told the media that he grew suspicious at first and told his employees to check his ID and name on the credit card.

However, the restaurant at the time approved the bill.

Shepherd said that the staff at the restaurant were happy after receiving the huge bill.

Next morning, Shepherd checked the system to make sure the money was still there.

The owner said he was grateful to the family for the tip, and highlighted that the employees were loyal to the restaurant during the pandemic.

Ashley Greene, who received her share of $1000, said she has been going through hard times lately because her kid is sick. The kid has been in and out of hospital in recent days.

Shepherd said he temporarily closed the Wahoo and lost some $30,000 in food.

He said, “I don’t know anything about delivery and takeout…

We weren’t prepared for that. We didn’t even have the containers to do it.”

Shepherd said that the Florida Restaurant Association and the Alachua County Chamber of Commerce were very helpful in raising emergency funds to pay the employees.

He reopened Wahoo in May.

Shepherd said that he is indebted to his employees for helping the restaurant survive during difficult times.

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