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Giant snake goes for shopping at Australian supermarket


A videograb shows a giant snake in an Australian supermarket.

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A video clip revealed a terrifying moment in which a giant snake was seen hiding in the aisle shelving of Woolworths, a chain of Australian supermarkets and grocery stores.

A shopper was able to capture the terrifying scene when the giant snake made its way into the supermarket aisle and uploaded it on Facebook.

The strange snake was seen slithering out its head off the shelf of herbs and spices in the supermarket.

A snake catcher removed the slithery customer, who was released safely into bushland shortly after.

“The store is lucky to have someone familiar with this type of snake, which was released after being caught in the Australian bush,” a Facebook post said.

Another said: “I would have had a heart attack at that”, while a third said: “OMG I hate snakes, I would have taken everybody out with me as I ran for the exit.”

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