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Court rejects patient’s lawsuit against two doctors, hospital


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Aya Al Deeb and Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporters

The Abu Dhabi Appellate Court upheld the ruling of the Court of First Instance rejecting a patient’s lawsuit against two doctors and a hospital.

The plaintiff filed the lawsuit, demanding the two doctors and the hospital pay him Dhs490,000 in compensation after the doctor performed a surgery on him, which resulted in weakness in lower limbs and exhaustion due to using the abdomen muscles when talking, causing a hoarseness in voice.

The report of the Supreme Commission for Medical Responsibility reported that the surgery was useful for the plaintiff who was exposed to full paralysis of the legs, inability to urinate or defaecate.  The report pointed out that the doctor had performed the surgery successfully and professionally and that he did the right thing when he transferred the patient to the ENT section to perform exercises for speaking. According to the report, the damage the patient sustained was one of the well-known complications that might happen after such surgeries.

JAIL TERM OF TWO WOMEN IN AFRICAN GANG INCREASED: The Dubai Appellate Court increased the jail term of two women within an African gang of 5, from 2 years to 5 years, to be followed by deportation and fined them Dhs2,200, on charges of alluring a European national to a flat to practise indecent deeds, with a picture of a blonde woman through a social media site.

Details date back to earlier when a European filed a report saying that he was attacked, threatened to death and that Dhs1,200 were stolen from him, in addition to Dhs1,000 from his ATM card.

According to the victim, he communicated with a woman who put an ad on Facebook claiming she was a European. Then she sent him a picture of a blonde woman on WhatsApp. They then agreed to meet in her house.

He added that when he reached there, one of the two suspects opened the door of the apartment and told him his girlfriend was inside and waiting. Immediately the suspects assaulted him after closing the door and threatened him with death. They then stole Dhs1,200 from his wallet and Dhs1,000 from his banking card. They reportedly detained him in a room before he fled and filed the report.

The three suspects were arrested and one of them died.

The Court of First Instance sentenced the other two to two years and a half in jail and the Appellate Court increased them to 5 years and upheld the fine and deportation.

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