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Abu Dhabi Police in co-operation with Ajman Police arrest phone scammers


The fraudsters after they were nabbed.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The Abu Dhabi Police, in cooperation with the Ajman Police, have arrested two Asian persons involved in phone scam crimes through which they defrauded a number of people of their bank savings. The police seized from them a number of mobile phones, amounts of money and SIM cards, which were used to cheat the victims.

Col. Rashid Khalaf Al Dhaheri, Director of Criminal Investigations Directorate at Abu Dhabi Police, said that several reports were received from a number of people stating that they were exposed to phone fraud by anonymous persons. The fraudsters informed them that their bank accounts had been frozen or their bankcards were blocked, and that their data should be updated. They would ask for their accounts and credit cards' data, which they used to steal their balance amounts.


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Al Dhaheri warned the community members not to fall prey to these criminal gangs or disclose their bank accounts or credit card numbers to anyone.

He said that banks do not require updating banking data over the phone, calling on bank customers not to be deceived by such fake calls or SMSs.

He called on the public to quickly report any calls they receive from unknown persons, who ask them to update their banking details, by contacting the “Aman” service on the toll-free number (8002626) or via messages. (sms2828).

He also advised the public to contact their bank and the nearest police station as soon as possible in case of fraud.

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