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VIDEO: Hefty fines for harassing motorists by tailgating them in Abu Dhabi


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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Abu Dhabi Police broadcast a video revealing that some drivers harass motorists by tailgating them, causing dangerous confusion for the latter on the roads.

This at times results in horrific accidents.

The motorists have been advised to leave a safe distance allowing the smooth flow of traffic.

Abu Dhabi Police pointed out the dangers of some drivers harassing other motorists in front of them and approaching them at high speed, flashing at them to clear the way.

These methods distract the motorist and increase the risk of accidents.

The Traffic and Patrols Directorate in the Central Operations Sector called on drivers, as part of the “Safety Path” campaign, to adhere to the right lane when driving at slow speed for the safety of all.

The police explained that the fine for not giving way to vehicles with priority, essential services coming from behind or from the left is Dhs400.

The police pointed out that the violation of "not leaving a safe distance between vehicles is one of the main causes of traffic accidents on the roads."

A Dhs400 fine for not leaving adequate distance between two vehicles, plus 4 black points.

And if the vehicle is seized, the financial value of releasing the vehicle is Dhs5,000, provided the vehicle is impounded until payment is made within 3 months of the seizure.

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