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VIDEO: At least 27 killed in Turkey's flash floods


Rescue team members evacuate locals during flash floods in Turkey. Reuters

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Turkey's Emergency and Disaster Management said on Friday that the floods that swept through towns in the northern Black Sea region have killed 27 people.

It is the second natural disaster that Turkey is facing this month.

The floods caused chaos in the northern provinces, while the authorities announced that the forest fires that raged in the provinces of the southern coast for two weeks are now under control.

The Emergency and Disaster Management Department said, “25 people died due to the torrential rain in Kastamonu, while two died in Sinop. The search for a missing person continued in Bartin County.”

The floods, as well as the fires that killed eight and destroyed tens of thousands of acres in bush and forest, came the same week that a United Nations climate panel warned that global warming was getting closer to out of control, and that weather waves were extreme.

turkey-flood A car floating in water in Kastamonu, Turkey. AFP

The bad will only get worse. The emergency department announced that more than 1,700 people were evacuated from the affected areas with the help of helicopters and boats.

Helicopters of the Coast Guard landed on the roofs of houses to rescue the stranded, while water flowed in the streets, as appeared in footage published by the Ministry of the Interior.

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