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Vaccine taken outside UAE: Here are a few steps travellers need to follow for UAE approval


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Syed Shayaan Bakht, Staff Reporter

The UAE authorities urged individuals and residents who have taken vaccine doses outside the country to register with the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) “Vaccination Certificate” to return to the UAE.  

The authority said, “It should be noted that only UAE-approved vaccines will be accepted in the country. The approved certificates will appear in the AlHosnApp.”

Travellers and residents can start registering from Aug.15.

The application has the ability to include various data related to the travellers, including information about vaccination certificates.

Users need to visit the Smart application on Apple devices and Google devices or by visiting the website

Here are the few steps travellers need to follow to register for vaccine certificate:

Once you visit the ICA

You need to select Public Services

Scroll down the page and select Register Arrivals

A page will display the following options —

Applicant Information

Applicant Information will ask for traveller’s name and date of birth and date of arrival. After completing this section, a QR code will be sent to the traveller’s e-mail.

Passport Information

This section will ask for Passport related informations, such as the Passport No, Nationality and Passport Expiry Date.

Address Inside UAE


This section asks information related to one’s home address. A detailed address information is must, along with mobile number.

Vaccine Information

In this section, every information related to the vaccine must be filled carefully.

Vaccination Type, First Vaccination Date, Second Vaccination Date, Third Vaccination Date,

PCR Test Date, and PCR Test Result Date.

Attachments Info

A person is required to upload Passport Image and Personal Image in this section.


This section tells you to declare that all the information and attachments are correct, and you will adhere to all the instructions and procedures issued by the health authorities in the United Arab Emirates.


Once you complete the entire necessary field, it is advised to verify the information before clicking on the “Send” option.

The ICA said, “We announce the protocol for approving the vaccination certificate issued from outside the country, which aims to verify the attached vaccination certificates in accordance with the procedures regulating them, and to approve them electronically and automatically, to facilitate the movement of those coming from abroad, and to ensure the speedy completion of the procedure.”

The ICA said to ensure the safe passage of travellers during this period, we advise those coming to the country to register their data using the ICA UAE.

The registration of vaccination certificates is optional for travellers wishing to enjoy the advantages obtained by individuals who receive the vaccine in the country.

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