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Three-year-old Dania Khalid is Dubai Police’s youngest volunteer

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Dania Khalid with Dubai Police staff: Bubbling with a 'Positive Spirit.'

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Children are a different breed altogether. They have a mind of their own. Though they are very young, they already entertain some very positive and heartening ideas.


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Take, for example, three-year-old Dania Khalid, who has taken the road less travelled: she joined an initiative, Positive Spirit, by Dubai Police. Through the initiative, she was roped into the "Our Summer is Full of Fun & Joy" programme. She is the sterling force’s youngest volunteer and there is no denying the fact that the Dubai Police are also proud to have her in their midst.

Under the supervision of her father, Dania distributed water, drinks and umbrella hats among labourers in a residential area to spread cheer and a positive attitude among them.

dubai police 55 Under the supervision of her father, Dania distributed water, drinks and umbrella hats among labourers.

Fatima Buhajeer, General Coordinator of the Positive Spirit Initiative, said that the girl’s participation was within the framework of encouraging and instilling the spirit of volunteerism among children, noting that Dania was a registered volunteer via the "" platform".                                             

"The initiative was carried out in complete adherence to the announced precautionary and preventive measures against COVID-19, to ensure the safety of the participants and beneficiaries of the initiative", she added.

Dania's father, Khaled Saleh, said that he was keen to instil the spirit of voluntary service to the community in his daughter, as such values contributed to building a generation keen on giving back to their community.

"I make sure to accompany my daughter, Dania, to all her participatory events, and she has many activities in volunteering and humanitarian work, including the distribution of Iftar meals for those who fast and workers. She has also participated in the International Day of Happiness, Modesh World and now she’s extremely happy to join the Our Summer is full of Fun & Joy Programme in the residential area of Umm Al Daman in Dubai.”

Surely, school is a priority. But nothing seems to beat community service, which Dania knows full well. Her parents too deserve an applause for encouraging her to do such wonderful work at such a tender age. After all, it is pro bono publico – for the general good.

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