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Astronomers spot dancing ghosts a billion light years away

A telescopic image shows the dancing ghosts.

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Astronomers at the Western Sydney University, Australian Research Authority, and Australian National Science Agency spotted dancing ghosts in space, which they called “PKS 2130-538,” about one billion light years away.

The ghosts formed from an emitted electrons of two fabricated black holes.

Scientists hope the discovery makes them understand more about how black holes work and what can happen in space between two galaxies.

They said, "When we first saw the dancing ghosts, we did not have any idea of what they were, but weeks later, we discovered that we saw two lighting galaxies, having two black holes in their centre, which release electrons drawing shapes thanks to the winds in between the galaxies.”

The phenomenon has been named ‘PKS 2130-538.’

The galaxies however resembles eerie dancing ghosts, these colossal specters is likely to reveal fresh data about the behaviour of black holes and the intricate environment between them.

Scientists said that no previous image or observations have captured the rare effect in such details.  

Like all discoveries, new questions arise.

This too raised questions.  

Scientists said that they still don't know where the wind is coming from?

Why it looks so tangled? And what kind of radio emission they are having?

Experts said that more data and several sessions of observations would decode the dancing ghost, but for now we can enjoy the spectacular images from outer space.

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