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VIDEO: Russian ‘kidnaps his girlfriend’ and ties her to the roof of the car


A videograb shows Sergey Kosenko driving with his girlfriend tied on top of the car in Moscow.

Gulf Today Report

The madness of "likes" prompted Russians social media stars to carry out a fake, but very dangerous, kidnapping operation, during which he tied his girlfriend on top of his car, and tied her hands as he set out on the streets of Moscow amid the shock of passersby. The authorities fined the duo.

In order to achieve a large viewership on social media sites, Russian Sergei Kosenko, who is followed by 5 million people on his account Instagram, invented this dangerous method of gaining likes, so he chose a luxury Bentley car to implement this crazy attempt with his girlfriend, and a number of photographers to document the video that caused great shock and insane reaction from around the world.

In the video, Kosenko is seen driving the car with one hand, while his other hand was tied to handcuffs with his girlfriend, who is tied and taped on the top of the car.

The girlfriend is tied with ropes to perfect the kidnapping scene. To make it look real, Kosenko also taped his girlfriend's mouth.

The video, published two days ago, with the captioned, “Watch until the end. I did that 20 times.”

The video has so far garnered more than 85,000 likes and more than 3,000 comments.

The Russian authorities said that they opened an investigation into the video, and fined the Russian influencer 750 rubles for reckless driving and performing dangerous stunts endangering the life of others.

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