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VIDEO: Petty rivalry between tyre companies leads to death of innocent Lebanese girl in Britain

Aya Hachem.

Gulf Today Report

British police released a video clip documenting the last moments of the Lebanese law student, Aya Hachem before she was shot dead by hired killers, more than a year ago in England.

The murder, which took place in Blackburn, Lancashire, on May 17 last year, sparked outrage. The poor girl fell victim to a feud between two owners of car tyre companies, one of whom decided to get rid of the other by carrying out a premeditated murder.

The video, which was filmed by surveillance cameras belonging to a car tyre store, shows the moments of the 19-year-old student passing in front of the store, near her home.

A car was approaching the place, inside it were gunmen who came to kill shop owner, but the stray bullets killed Aya Hachem.

A British court has convicted seven men of the murder, and another woman in the incident has been charged with manslaughter.

Investigations revealed that the Lebanese girl had fallen victim to a fierce competition between two owners of car tyre companies.

The competition turned into a feud.

Firoz Suleiman of one tyre recruited gunmen to kill the owner of the competing company, whose is named Bachah Khan.

On the day of the execution, the killer went to carry out the crime with two assistants, but accidently shot and killed Aya Hachem. She was passing by. The court heard that one of the gunman had a poor aim.

Police said two bullets were fired, the first hit a building, but the second hit the girl.

Passersby tried to help her, but she died.

The number of detainees in the case of the girl's murder was about 14 people.

Attorney General Alan Richardson said the convicts in the case were responsible in their own way for the senseless murder of Aya Hachem, an innocent, hopeful young woman who lost her life as a result of a petty business competition.

He added that the perpetrators showed disregard for people's lives during the attempt to carry out the assassination, and even when the operation failed, they refused to show any sense of guilt and denied involvement in the crime.

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