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VIDEO: A Saudi mortuary staff tells the story of the ‘crying corpse’

Taghreed Bukhari speaks to MBC in a Week.

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There is a common belief that violating the will of the dead is a heinous sin, which hurts the deceased, even after death, but a dead body crying because its will is being violated is not common.

This shocking incident was revealed by a mortuary staff in Saudi Arabia.

Taghreed Bukhari has been working in the profession of washing the dead for 22 years, and during this period, she herself confirmed the existence of good and bad endings in the world of the dead, and she witnessed for herself the smell of musk and amber that emanated from the bodies of the righteous after their death.

During an interview with MBC in a Week, she revealed the details of what she faced when washing the body of a girl.

Dead-body-1 The photo has been used for illustrative purposes.

Bukhari explained that she had received a request to wash a dead girl in her twenties who was in the hospital.

The girl died when her mother left her to get some clothes, so her father rushed the washing procedures though.

Gulf Today contacted the mortuary for comments, but there was no response.

She said, "I received the girl's body and asked her father, if she had a companion?”

He ordered me to start the washing ritual immediately for the evening prayer.

The Saudi woman explained that she was working alone at the time, and tried to move the girl's body and remove her clothes for washing, but she could not move her. She tried again to turn it on her right side but failed.

She recalled the details of the incident, saying, “Her body never moved, even her feet, no matter how hard she tried. So I called my friend to help me, it was the first time I failed to deal with a dead body.”

Bukhari and her friend tried with all their might to take off the girl's clothes, and they were surprised by tears falling from the corpse's eyes in a scene that confused and frightened them.

She told MBC, "I was amazed to see tears falling from her eyes. I thought it was water, so I wiped it, and the tears are still coming down, and my friend said she was crying, so no matter how much I wiped her tears, they would come down again."

After strenuous attempts, the women were able to finish washing the deceased at last, but they were surprised that the body was very heavy despite the fact that the girl was skinny, which necessitated their request for help from someone to transport her to the coffin.

Meanwhile, Bukhari was surprised by the girl's mother crying and screaming at her, saying, ”Why did you touch her? Who told you to wash?

Bukhari asked the mother to forgive her, explaining that the girl’s father asked her to do the rituals.

The mother responded, “It is forbidden for you, and her will is that I stand on her washing, and that no stranger touches her.”

The mother broke down again and shockingly, tears from her “crying” daughter’s body increased as well.

Bukhari tried to calm the mother and again wiped the eyes off her daughter's face.

Bukhari said told the TV presenters at this point the crying stopped. The body was transferred to complete the burial.

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