Two crewmembers killed in attack on Israeli-linked ship off Oman - GulfToday

Two crewmembers killed in attack on Israeli-linked ship off Oman


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An official source at the Maritime Security Center in the Sultanate of Oman reported that a marine tanker for oil derivatives called MV MERCER STREET, with the flag of the Republic of Liberia, was involved in an incident outside Omani territorial waters.

The source told media, that upon receiving the information, the necessary measures were immediately taken in coordination with the military, security and civil authorities to deal with the situation.

The agency indicated that the field results confirmed that the incident occurred outside the Omani territorial sea, explaining that the ship's owners and crew were contacted, who stated that the ship would continue sailing to its destination without the need for assistance.

The attack targeted the tanker just northeast of the Omani island of Masirah, over 300 kilometers southeast of Oman’s capital, Muscat.

The attack resulted in the death of two crewmembers.

The ship is reported linked to Israeli billionaire Eyal Ofer.

The Sultanate affirmed its constant keenness to harness all capabilities to maintain the security and safety of traffic in the Omani territorial sea, and the ability of all concerned authorities in the Sultanate to do everything that would lead to the safety of navigation in the Omani territorial sea.

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