Taliban admit to killing Afghan comedian Nazar Mohammad after his capture video goes viral - GulfToday

Taliban admit to killing Afghan comedian Nazar Mohammad after his capture video goes viral


A combo image shows Nazar’s capture by the Taliban men.

Gulf Today Report

Taliban group admitted to killing of Afghanistan’s most famous comedian Nazar Mohammad in the country's southern region.

A video, which went viral on social media, showed Nazar being slapped by two unidentified men in a car.

The emergence of Nazar's video raises deep concerns about the rising atrocities by the insurgent group.

During his last minutes, Nazar was facing cruelty at the hands of Taliban in the video. But even though he managed to crack jokes about the militant group.

Taliban official said that the two men in the video were member of the group.

Last week, Afghan media reported that Nazar abducted by Taliban men. Later reports confirmed that he was shot dead.

Nazar is better known as Khasha Zwan in the country, and was famous for his witty responses.

The group had earlier denied that they have murdered the comedian.

On the other hand, neighbouring Pakistan said on Monday that 46 Afghan soldiers have taken refuge in Pakistan after losing control of military positions across the border following the advance of Taliban fighters, while the commander of US military operations in Afghanistan warned from Kabul that the United States would continue its air strikes in support of the Afghan forces, if the Taliban continue their

Hundreds of Afghan military personnel and civilian officials have fled to Tajikistan, Iran and Pakistan in recent weeks, after Taliban attacks on border areas.

The Pakistani army said in a statement, “The commander of the Afghan army asked to allow them asylum at the Chitral border crossing in the north.”

Officials said, “The soldiers obtained safe passage to Pakistan, the day before yesterday, on Sunday, after the approval of the Afghan authorities.” "Food, shelter and necessary medical care were provided to the Afghan soldiers in accordance with military norms," the statement added.

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