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VIDEO: Strong winds whip up forest fire in Turkey


Plumes of black smoke billow from the forest around Manavgat, Turkey. Reuters

Gulf Today Report

It is not just California and Australia that are seeing huge forest fires. Turkey also faced a similar predicament. Manavgat had to face literally an inferno as a huge fire in a forest around the town spread.

The incident created panic among the residents who simply took to their heels or rather, took off in their cars. The winds turbocharged the winds so to speak, with the result that huge plumes of smoke engulfed the area.

Manavgat lies 75 miles east of Antalya.

A firefighting plane and 19 helicopters were roped in to tackle the blaze.

According to the mayor of Antalya, the fire started at four different points. Antalya, a popular hotspot for tourists, is notorious for its blazing temperatures in summer.


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