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Man delivers innerwear at Dubai Police station, cops find drugs hidden in it


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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

The Public Prosecution rejected a lawsuit against a suspect who went to the police station to deliver innerwear and personal items to one of the detainees who was convicted in a drug case.

After inspecting the innerwear, narcotic substances were found, and by interrogating the suspect, he denied owning them or their abuse.

Ahmed Mohammed Tamim, head assistant Public Prosecutor at the Narcotics Prosecution, said, “During the prosecution’s interrogations and in the police report, the suspect denied that he knew anything about the narcotic substances they had found.”

When Tamim questioned the officials, they stated that they interrogated the accused about the seized drugs, and the accused admitted that he did not know anything about them.


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The suspect said he did not know the detainee, whose brother tasked him with delivering the items.

Tamim added that the suspect admitted that he did not know anything about the drugs.

Tamim indicated that the suspect was in a normal condition when he came to the police station and was cooperative.

He seemed surprised when drugs were found in the clothes.

Tamim warned against such behaviours, as narcotic substances are elaborately planted in personal items that are intended to be delivered to a convict, and the person who is transferring them does not know anything about them.

Tamim also warned against falling into the trap of criminals, because when a person is caught in possession of narcotics, he is held accountable, and being unaware that there are drugs in the clothes does not exonerate him because ignorance of law is no excuse.

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