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VIDEO: ‘Dead body moves and breathes’ during burial in Egypt


Ahmed PA.

Gulf Today Report

The Egyptian city of Idku witnessed a strange incident on Monday during a funeral of a person.

The mourners were surprised by the movement of the dead body in his coffin and his breathing during the funeral prayer, causing a state of panic after which they rushed him to a hospital, according to Egyptian media.

Social media users were abuzz with the strange incident documented by a video of the funeral in front of a cemetery, in which mourners appeared screaming during the funeral of Ahmed PA, demanding to stop and open the shroud after they noticed the deceased moving inside the coffin and hearing his breath.

After removing the shroud, people confirmed that they saw the deceased's feet moving.

Mourners believed that the deceased was in a coma so they rushed him to the government hospital for examination, but the doctors confirmed his death.

A state of confusion prevailed among the mourners after some demanded that they respect the dead by burying him. But the relatives of the deceased carried the body again, and took it to a private doctor to examine it in his clinic where the latter confirmed the death of the man.

It is believed that what happened was the result of the illusions of the deceased's relatives. It was advised to bury him as soon as possible.

The mourners returned the body again to the cemetery, performed the funeral prayer for it, and buried it.

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