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Abu Dhabi attorney general bans media coverage of triple murder case


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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Counsellor Ali Mohammed Al Balushi, Attorney-General of Abu Dhabi, issued a decision banning the media coverage of the case in which a man killed three members of his family.

The ban includes all written, audio-visual and social media by natural or legal persons, whether they are parties to the case or neutral persons.

As part of the ban decision, it is also prohibited to express an opinion, comment on the case or mention names, whether explicitly or implicitly, under penalty of legal responsibility, until the indictment and referral decision is issued by the public prosecution to the competent court.

The mass media and social networking sites had recently circulated a lot of false information about the case from non-competent sources, causing confusion in the society and compromising social security, given the random and irresponsible method in which the information was circulated far from credibility standards and respect for the privacy of the victims.

In this context, the public prosecution initiated an investigation with a media agency and a person for illegally giving some false information about the investigations into the case.

Al Balushi stated that the public prosecution began investigating the murder case and took the necessary legal measures, noting that the ban comes as part of legal regulations in order not to affect the progress of the case or compromise the security of society.

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