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Family’s leisure trip to Oman turns tragic as two brothers drown in pond


A view of the pond in Oman.

Gulf Today Report

A family leisure trip turned into a real tragedy in the Sultanate of Oman, where two brothers drowned in a pond. The Samail State in the Sultanate of Oman witnessed the tragic incident in which the two brothers, Ahmed and Mahmoud, sons of Khaled Al Jabri, drowned in a water pond in Al Dakhiliyah Governorate.

Ahmed and Mahmoud went out accompanied by their cousin in a car until they reached the last point, where a car could reach. Then, they got off, walked between the mountains and the rugged paths, and then stopped to eat lunch. After that, they continued walking for an hour until they reached the pond.  

They all went down to swim in the pond, but Mahmoud, the younger brother, went deeper into the middle of the pool, where he got tired and became unable to swim.

The older brother, Ahmed, noticed that his brother Mahmoud drowning, and without thinking, he quickly ran to rescue his brother from drowning. Ahmed could not drag his brother, because he was trying to pull him from the front. Both of them clung to the other until they got tired and drowned together to the bottom of the pond.

After about 30 minutes, the rescue teams attended the scene, and with help of some residents, they managed to find and pull the bodies of the two brothers from the bottom of the dark pond.

The bodies of the two brothers were taken to the hospital, and then handed over to their family for burial.

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