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Bodies of Pakistan’s legendary climber Sadpara, 2 others recovered from ‘Killer Mountain’ after 5 months


Ali Sadpara was the only Pakistani mountaineer to have summited eight of the 14 highest peaks in the world above 8,000 metres.

The bodies of mountaineers Muhammad Ali Sadpara, Iceland's John Snorri and Chile's Juan Pablo Mohr were found on K2 ("Killer Mountain") on Monday, over five months after they went missing, Alpine Adventure Guides claimed.

The Alpine Guides announced this in a tweet, "Rest in peace Disappointed but relieved face.” It has been reported from the Alpine Adventure Guides, "At the camp 4 have found two bodies below 300m from a bottleneck on K2 Mountain.”

“The bodies of 3 lost mountaineers have been found below the Bottleneck on K2. The bodies have been recognised by a rope fixing team,” Alpine Club said in a statement on Monday.

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The Alpine Clubs said that it was "very difficult" to bring the bodies down from the mountain because of the high altitude, adding that the government of Pakistan is helping through army aviation in this connection.

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Earlier during the day, Gilgit-Baltistan Information Minister Fatahullah Khan, while talking to reporters, said the first body was discovered at 9:00am, which was identified as Snorri's because of the yellow and black clothes that he was believed to be wearing during the expedition.

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Two days back Sadpara’s son tweeted that he was hopeful of finding a trace and answers.

We have started our climb again. Will resume search, both physical and by drones; above 8000m and beyond bottleneck. I am hopeful of finding a trace and answers #MissionSadpara #K2Search, he wrote on his Twitter account.

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Sadpara, a highly accomplished mountaineer from Skardu, went missing on the mighty K2 while attempting a winter summit with Snorri and Chile’s Juan Pablo Mohr in January.

The team had been missing since Feb.5, even after multiple rescue efforts. Pakistan army held a rescue operation for the missing mountaineers for many days.

Sadpara’s son declared his father dead after the conclusion of days-long search mission. Mohammad Ali Sadpara holds the distinction of being the only Pakistani to have summited eight of the world’s 14 highest mountains. He is also credited with the first-ever winter ascent of the world’s ninth highest peak, Nanga Parbat.

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