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VIDEO: This Turkish city has a tomb right in the middle of a road


A man prays next to the grave in the Turkish city of Sivas.

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There are many oddities around the world, but it is rare to see a tomb at the intersection of three roads in the Turkish city of Sivas.

The Yeni Mahalle Hamzaoğlu Road is one of the many roads that cross the Şarkışla town in the central Turkish city of Sivas.

Locals have pointed out that the tomb has been around for several years, but it has only recently gained local attention, after photos and drone footage spread on social media.

Some residents have shooed away workers assigned to remove it saying the curse will fall on them.

The mausoleum bears a tombstone inscribed with "Griban Shaheed Baba," and no one knows to whom the tomb belongs.

Ahmet Harik, head of the Turkish Candemir neighbourhood, said that it was the stories raised about the mysterious mausoleum that persuaded the workers to leave it so that the remains would not be removed.

Officials said that motorists have to be cautious when they come close to this intersection making sure that they don’t drive straight into the grave.

It is located right in the middle of the road.

It is alleged that the same thing happened to the previous owners of the land, so everyone left the tomb alone, including the workers who built the road, while the residents' belief indicate that a martyr or a scholar must be buried under and his kin keep visiting the tomb and lay flowers from time to time.
One story surround the tomb, is that the person buried under once appeared in the dreams of one of the owners of the land and urged him not to disturb the remains as it is considered sacred. 

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