4 tourists killed, 17 others missing after three boats sink in water reservoir in Pakistan - GulfToday

4 tourists killed, 17 others missing after three boats sink in water reservoir in Pakistan


KP disaster management and 1122 divers during rescue operation in Raghagan Dam in Bajaur on Thursday. Twitter photo

Mian Mujahid Shah, Gulf Today

At least four tourists have died and 17 others went missing after three boats capsized on Eid Al Adha day in Raghagan Dam in Bajaur district of Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) province, local media reported on Thursday.

According to the details, a boat with at least 20 tourists, including children, on board drowned in Raghagan Dam when it went to deep water on a recreational trip.

Soon after the tragic accident, two lifeboats carrying seven rescue personnel on board also sunk in the dam when they rushed to rescue the drowning tourists, the reports added.

The KP disaster management and 1122 divers’ teams rescued four tourists and took out four bodies from the dam. The bodies and other four rescued persons have been shifted to a local hospital in Khar, Bajaur district.

The rescue teams told local media that they were searching for the missing tourists, adding that there was almost no chance of their survival.

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The reports quoted local police as saying that the first boat sunk due to overloading and the other two boats faced the accident as the rescue staff were not experienced and they failed to control the boats.

On his twitter account, Peshawar-based senior journalist, Javed Aziz Khan, prayed for the survival of all those missing tourists and urged the people to take maximum care when touring such recreational spots during Eid days or summer vaccation.

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Recently, the local government of Bajaur imposed section 144 on the Raghagan Dam due to the rising water levels. Wandering of people around the dam, swimming and boating were banned by the Deputy Commissioner of the Bajaur.

Despite the acknowledged threats of life loss, the tourist boats were allowed in owing to negligence on part of relevant authorities.

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