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Sharjah Charity ensures sacrificial animals are fit


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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The teams of the Sharjah Charity has examined the number of sacrificial animals, estimated at about 3,300 within the country, to ensure that they are safe and free from all defects that prevent them from legally permitting the sacrifice.

Dr Ali Muhammad Al Salami, Chairman of the Supreme Committee for the Sacrifice Campaign, said that the examination process is the first preparations of the Charity for the sacrifice campaign.

“As we examine the sheep to be slaughtered to ensure that they comply with Islamic Sharia regulations, and ensure that they are free from diseases and defects that may legally prevent them from being slaughtered as a sacrifice,” he said.

He explained that a number of people with experience in raising livestock were assigned to examine all sacrificial animals through a sub-committee emanating from the campaign’s higher committee called the “Examination Committee.”

After the inspection process is completed, all the sheep are ready for slaughter during the days of Eid, and then distribute them to the beneficiary groups registered in statements and records.

“The campaign is implemented through three committees, namely, the examination committee concerned with examining livestock, the slaughterhouse committee concerned with transporting sacrificial animals and supervising the process of slaughter, cutting and processing inside the slaughterhouse, and the distribution committee, which represents the last stages of the campaign and concerned with the delivery of sacrifice meat to those who deserve it, as they all work side by side to get out.”

The campaign is conducted in a civilised manner, pointing out that donations of benefactors wishing to implement the ritual of sacrifice are received through the website, the smart link, credit cards and bank accounts, as well as coupon collectors, or by visiting the headquarters or branches of the association, or by calling the hotline 80014.

Al Salami explained that the association was keen to emphasise all workers in the campaign committees to abide by all precautionary measures to ensure the safety of everyone and to exit the campaign in a safe manner without exposure to any infection with the coronavirus, calling on those wishing to implement the ritual of sacrifice to authorise the association on their behalf to slaughter and distribute their sacrifices by delivering the value of the sacrifice for the association through the available donation means, and the association pledges to deliver it to the needy families and people with limited income on time.

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