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'No mask, no clothes:' Australia sends back far-right British commentator Katie Hopkins for violating virus rules


Katie Hopkins.

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Australia has cancelled the visa of far-right British commentator Katie Hopkins after she boasted on social media that she planned to breach the country's strict hotel quarantine rules, a senior official said on Monday.

Hopkins had flown into Sydney to appear on a reality television programme when she posted a video on Instagram talking about answering the door naked and maskless to hotel employees delivering meals to her room.

International arrivals to Australia are required to complete 14 days quarantine in a hotel, under rules designed to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Police later on Monday said a 46-year-old British woman had been fined Aus$1,000 ($737) for not wearing a face mask, and was taken to the airport for deportation.

Karen Andrews, Home Affairs Minister, said "Australian authorities acted quickly to make sure that the visa on which Hopkins entered the country was cancelled after the footage appeared on social media."

"We will be getting her out of the country as soon as we can possibly arrange that," Andrews told ABC.

"She's clearly not someone that we want to keep in this country for a second longer than we have to," said Andrews.

In a since-deleted social media video from her hotel room, Hopkins said that she planned to frighten staff who brought meals to her door by confronting them naked and without a mask.

People in quarantine are not allowed to open their hotel room doors until 30 seconds after their meals have been delivered and must wear masks while their doors are open. Andrews described Hopkins’ comments as shameful. The fact that she was out there boasting about breaching quarantine was just appalling, Andrews told the broadcaster.

It was a slap in the face for all those Australians who are currently in lockdown and it’s just unacceptable. Hopkins has long caused controversy by spouting racist, anti-Muslim and anti-migrant views, and regularly speaks out against coronavirus measures.

Andrews said Hopkins obtained the visa with the support of the state government because it may bring economic benefits to the country.

It is estimated that 12 million Australians are currently being quarantined to control the outbreak of the highly infectious Delta variant.

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