Woman 'slaughters' neighbour’s child over financial dispute, has breakfast with child’s mother in Egypt - GulfToday

Woman 'slaughters' neighbour’s child over financial dispute, has breakfast with child’s mother in Egypt


Mahmoud Ads, Gulf Today

A 6-year-old boy named Ammar was murdered by his neighbour, Steitah A, 45, due to a financial dispute over 8,000 EGP (Dhs2,000) between her and the victim’s mother.

The killer’s husband and her two sons helped her to hide the child's body, the Egyptian Public Prosecution revealed.

In Al Qalaj village, Al Khanka town, Al Qalyobiaya governorate, Egypt, where the horrible incident took place, the inhuman perpetrator premeditatedly slaughtered the child after luring him to her apartment while he was playing in front of his family’s house, in retaliation to his mother.   

The investigations revealed that she had lured the child from the street to her apartment, and as soon as he entered, she stabbed him in the neck, which led to his death on the spot.

She then placed his body in a refrigerator. After that, her two sons and her husband helped her in disposing of the body next morning by placing it in small plastic bags, which they hid in the basement.

The perpetrator reportedly after killing the victim went to have the breakfast with his mother in her flat, so as to keep the suspicions away from her.   

The Qalyobiaya Security Directorate had received a report from the Khanka Police Station about a crime of kidnapping and killing child by his neighbours.

Through the investigation, it was found that there were financial disputes between “Steitah A” and the victim’s mother.

Accordingly, she lured the child to her house, slaughtered him with a knife, and buried him in the basement of the house with the help of her husband, Hamada A, 47, and their two sons, Mohammed HA, 22, and AHA, 25.

The defendants were arrested, and upon confronting them, they confessed to having committed the murder.

The prosecution ordered the detention of the defendants for 15 days pending investigations, on the charges of premeditated murder, covering up a murder crime and concealing a body.

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