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UAE opens embassy in Tel Aviv business district


Isaac Herzog (left) and Mohamed Al Khaja cut the ribbon at the new UAE embassy in Tel Aviv on Wednesday. AFP

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The UAE opened its embassy in the Israeli capital on Wednesday. UAE Ambassador to Israel Mohamed Al Khaja said, “Great honour to open the UAE Embassy in Israel. The UAE's commitment to the Abraham Accords is unbreakable and is now cast in concrete here, in Tel Aviv.”

The opening of the embassy, housed in Tel Aviv's business district, is a move to normalise relations between the two countries.


The opening ceremony was attended by Israeli President Isaac Herzog and Emirati Ambassador Al Khaja.

Both diplomats said that the opening of the embassy "is an important milestone in the increasingly close relations between our two countries.

UAEembassy2-IsraelMohamed Al Khaja (3rd from right), President Isaac Herzog and other officials press a button to start the stock exchange market during the opening ceremony at the Emirati embassy in Tel Aviv. Reuters

"The United Arab Emirates and Israel are innovative countries, and we can use this creativity to work. Create a more prosperous and sustainable future for our country and our region," he said.

Israel and the United Arab Emirates have signed a number of agreements, from tourism to aviation to financial services — since normalising ties as part of the so-called Abraham Accords brokered by former US President Donald Trump's administration.

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