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African visitor hides 951g of drugs inside his stomach, arrested at airport


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

A 47-year-old African visitor was arrested and referred to criminal court on drug-trafficking charges, for attempting to smuggle 951g of cocaine inside his stomach into the country’s airport.

The incident took place last May, when the defendant arrived at the airport at around 1:00am.

One of the customs officers suspected the defendant and requested to check his passport.

The officer directly asked him if he had anything to disclose, but the smuggler denied.The defendant’s bags were searched and nothing suspicious was found inside.

However, by following the defendant’s travel route, it was revealed that he had made a transit in another country before entering UAE. It was clear for the officer that it was the first time for the defendant to visit UAE. Accordingly, it was determined that he should undergo a body scanner check.

By scanning him with a viscera detector, the officer noticed a strange foreign objects inside his stomach.

It was discovered that the defendant was carrying 49 capsules containing cocaine.

The defendant was transferred to the capsules drop room and took out 13 capsules, then he was transferred to the hospital to take out the rest of the 36 capsules.

During interrogation, he claimed that he was in need of money back in his home country, decided to ask a man to financially help him.

The helper offered a deal to the defendant to travel to UAE with smuggled capsules.

The defendant agreed to the deal, but claimed that he had no knowledge of what type of drugs were inside the capsules.


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