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Thumbay Group announces 12 free webinars


Akbar Moideen, Vice President, Healthcare Division of Thumbay Group.

Offering practical solutions to managing everyday health concerns during the hot summer, Thumbay Group has announced a series of webinars that will share tips and essential information on best ways to create holistic health. Comprising 12 webinars in total, the free webinar series is part of Thumbay Healthcare Summer Festival and will commence on July 8 with the last session on August 28.

All the attendees will have a chance to win exciting cash prizes, gadgets and vouchers through contests besides guaranteed vouchers worth Dhs1,500 which includes an antibody test for Dhs50 and PCR screening for Dhs90 for each participant.

Thumbay Group wants to equip the masses with the right knowledge and tools to maintain good health while helping them remain vigilant and creating a society which is well informed and educated.

The interactive series – to be conducted by medical experts across Thumbay Group – will cover topics related to dental hygiene, mental health first aid, cardiac care, nutrition tips, women’s health, pregnancy, stroke prevention, chronic pain, diabetes management, skin care, and dehydration among other health concerns.

Some summertime habits and rituals can increase risk of stroke and also make you less likely to recognise stroke symptoms. Education and awareness are essential for effective stroke prevention and treatment. The session on ‘Preventing Stroke in Summer’ will delve deep into this whereas attendees could also talk to experts to clarify doubts about stroke.

On the other hand, people with chronic conditions are known to be more vulnerable to intense heat, and therefore there are specific webinars on diabetes and heart disease management targeted towards this population. Likewise, the webinar on chronic pain will provide guidance on maintaining a healthy routine alongside providing support on self-care and tips on pain management strategies.

Explaining the thought behind the interactive webinars, Akbar Moideen, Vice President - Healthcare Division of Thumbay Group, said: “Since the ongoing pandemic has restricted travelling, the upcoming webinars and the Thumbay Summer Festival are a great way to learn, engage and stay connected. The webinars are an ideal opportunity for UAE residents and even those living outside the UAE to interactively participate and address various health concerns and clear doubts with the help of our team of specialists. Every topic has been carefully selected keeping in view its relevance to the masses. I’d urge everyone to register, attend and benefit from this unique opportunity.”

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