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Now high school toppers can get 10-year UAE Golden Visa


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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Outstanding high school graduates in the UAE can now get the government’s Golden Residency visas along with their families.

The decision was taken to encourage more and more students to excel in the UAE and, therefore recognise their contribution to the community.

The UAE is giving the ten-year residency visa to best students so they can habour and nurture their talents in the country.

The Golden Residency visa applicants are advised to submit their forms through the Emirates Schools Establishment.

The authorities have set out the criteria for the visa.

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- All private and public school students are eligible to apply.

The applicant must have obtained at least 95% in high school. This will help the process to be smother. 

- University students must have a cumulative Grade Point Average with no less 3.75 in scientific disciplines. 

Students from abroad can also apply for the visa.

The authorities clarified that the visa will also apply to the student's family.

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