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Cyprus ‘most destructive’ forest fire kills 4 Egyptian workers, razes dozens of homes


Trees burn in a forest on the slopes of the Throodos mountain chain, as a giant fire rages on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, on Sunday night. AFP

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A massive forest fire in Cyprus killed four foreign workers, destroyed dozens of homes and forced evacuation of several villages, local officials said on Sunday.

A local police official said that over two dozens buildings, 50sqkm forest and farmland were damaged or destroyed in the blaze.
Fire-Cyprus-750x450A destroyed house near Ora village. AFP

President Nicos Anastasiades called the forest blaze "an unprecedented tragedy" except for the destruction wreaked by a 1974 war. President later toured a crisis management centre in Vavatsinia, before moving to the areas ravaged by the fire.

He said the flames appeared largely contained but could resurge. "The high temperatures and the wind are our biggest dangers," the president added.

Anastasiades said that the government will provide immediate financial aid to the victims and their families.

Cyprusfire-chicken-750x450Farmers dispose of around 80,000 chickens that died from heat and smoke inhalation near Ora village. AFP

Cyprus Interior Minister Nicos Nourris told reporters that volunteers found the remains of the four victims near a village in Troodos mountain range. The interior minister called the forest fire “most destructive” in the island nation’s history.
Fire-razes-homeA destroyed house near Ora village. AFP


Local official said that the remains belong to four Egyptian agricultural workers who had gone missing late on Saturday.

Cyprus interior minister said he has informed the Egyptian diplomat and that arrangements will be made to repatriate the bodies, offering every support to the victims’ families.

Fire-jetA Spanish plane dumps water on the southern slopes of the Troodos mountains. AFP

The Egypt government also confirmed the four victims were labourers, working in Cyprus. Nouris said the four Egyptians' charred bodies were found outside the village of Odos in Larnaca district.

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