Dubai-based Indian expat Renjith Somarajan wins Dhs20 million in Abu Dhabi’s Big Ticket jackpot - GulfToday

Dubai-based Indian expat Renjith Somarajan wins Dhs20 million in Abu Dhabi’s Big Ticket jackpot


Syed Shayaan Bakht, Staff Reporter

An Indian expat based in Dubai, Renjith Somarajan, has hit the Dhs20 million Big Ticket jackpot in Abu Dhabi on Saturday.

Renjith bought the winning ticket online on June 29.

Big Ticket Abu Dhabi wrote on Facebook, “Congratulations to Renjith Somarajan, from India, with winning ticket no. 349886. He won Dhs 20 million in The Mighty 20 Million series 229.”

The 37-year-old handsome man from Kerala's Kollam District was watching the live Facebook broadcast when host Richard read out the winning ticket number and his name.

Richard later phoned him to share the news.

An excited Renjith, who could not hold his emotions, kept thanking Richard.

Renjith was out with his family and had just returned home to see the lucky draw.

A regular buyer of Big Ticket, Renjith said he had been waiting for the call for the past three years.

Renjith said he shared the costs of the ticket with others and will distribute prize money equally among 10 people.

Rence Mathew with ticket No. 355820 from India, won Dhs3 million in the lucky draw. Rence also bought the ticket online.

Big Ticket also wrote, “Congratulations to Seeni Shaheek with Ticket No. 014900 from India for winning the Dream Car BMW series 17!

Apart from Ranjith, 5 others won prize money between Dhs3 million to Dhs50,000 in the raffle draw.

The Big Ticket, the longest-running and biggest raffle draw in the UAE, is hosted at Abu Dhabi International Airport, Al Ain Airport and online at

The raffle draw said, “What started out with a million-dirham cash prize, gradually grew over the years and now on Big Ticket’s 29th year, we’re giving away grand prizes of up to 20 million dirhams.”

The raffle draw guarantees cash prizes that vary from month to month with Big Ticket giving away a minimum of Dhs10 million up to our biggest jackpot of Dhs20 million.

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