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British couple commit suicide, as they ‘couldn’t live without each other’


Peter McGuinness and his wife Deborah pose for a photograph.

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A British couple dramatically committed suicide as they vowed to die together in a remote park with their dog.

They planned for weeks, invited friends to the last supper party, and wrote touching letters to their families.

The accident came after the wife was cured of cancer, according to a recent investigation, published by a British newspaper.

According to the investigations, the incident occurred on August 1, last year, after British police found Peter McGuinness, 54, and his wife Deborah, two former soldiers, dead in a Land Rover in a parking lot in Drosten Park, England, with a note next to them.

The couple left a suicide note: "None of us can be without the other."

Investigations revealed that the couple, about two weeks before their suicide, searched the internet to pen down their will.

The day before the accident, the couple held a party at their home and invited their friends for supper.

The guests did not know about their intentions and seemed to be happy.

The next day, the couple drove a rented car to Dorset English Garden.

A person tried to knock on the door to wake the couple, but they were dead.

The couple died due to carbon monoxide poisoning and left a will bearing advice on what to do with their ashes.

The couple served in the British Army for 20 years, and according to close aides, they lived happily throughout their 23 years of marriage.

The wife held the position of personal assistant to three army commanders.

Before their death, the couple worked in a security company.

But the husband, who left the army in 2007, recently suffered from depression and anxiety, due to post-traumatic stress disorder, since performing his military service in Iraq, and previously spoke about suicide several times.

Surprisingly, however, his wife, who was cured of cancer just five months before the accident, had no history of mental illness.

The couple's family was shocked by the accident. "As a family, we are deeply shocked about why they ended their lives," said McGuinness's mother, Rosemary Carlisle.

"They had a masquerade party for Depp's birthday on August 1, and there was no indication what would happen next.

"They were planning to go on a vacation to Spain and buying an apartment,” she added.

The British authorities ruled out any criminal suspicions in the accident, following the autopsy of the two bodies.

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