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Eid Al Adha holidays: UAE residents likely to have longest break of 2021


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Tanvir Usman, Staff Reporter

The UAE residents will likely have the longest break of this year on Eid Al Adha.

According to the International Astronomical Centre, July 20 (Tuesday) is set be the first day of Eid Al Adha in most Islamic countries. Arafat Day is likely to be marked on July 19 (Monday).

Mohammad Odeh, Chairman of the International Astronomical Centre, said on Wednesday said that the month of Zul Hijjah1442 AH is likely to begin on July 10 (Saturday).

Though the dates are subject to moon sighting but if the forecast prove correct, the residents in the UAE will enjoy six-day Eid holidays, which will be the longest break in 2021.

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The four-day Eid Al Adha holidays will likely begin on Arafat Day on July 19 (Monday) to July 22 (Thursday). It will be followed by the two-day weekend on July 23 and 24. This applies to those who have two-day weekly off.

Zul Hijjah is the last month of the Islamic calendar and Muslims celebrate Eid Al Adha on 10th of this month.

 Muhammad Habib, a resident of Sharjah, said that it would be a much-needed break for him as he has not taken off from his office from last six months.

“Though, I won’t be able to travel to Pakistan during Eid holidays due to flight issues, but will enjoy the long break at home with some of my close friends. It’s a much-needed break for me as I didn’t take even a single off from my office except the regular weekends. I will sit with friends, watch some movies and enjoy the meals, that’s enough for me to get relaxed.”

Saqib a businessman, who resides in Dubai, said that he will enjoy the six-day Eid holidays with his family and friends.

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“As the large gatherings are banned to stop spread of the coronavirus, I will spend time with my family and meet few friends on the second or third day of Eid. When celebrating the Eid, we all should adhere to the guidelines issued by the authorities as part of measures to contain the deadly virus,” he added.

The UAE cabinet had announced the national holidays for both the public and private sector for the years 2021 and 2022.

Here are the remaining holidays announced for 2021:

• 10,11,12 Zul Hijjah: Eid Al Adha

• Augs.12: Islamic New Year

• Oct.21: Prophet Mohammed’s (PBUH) birthday

• Dec.1: Commemoration Day

• Dec.2 and 3: National Day

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