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Couple stunned to find $50 billion in their bank account


A screenshot of the $50 billion deposit in the bank account.

Mustafa Al-Zoubi, Gulf Today

Imagine waking up one morning to find that you are richer by $50 billion!

And something very similar happened in the US state of Louisiana.

A couple was stunned after discovering $50 billion deposited into their family account.

The huge amount was mistakenly deposited to the account.

Husband Darren James, 47, said he arrived home from work, and his wife revealed to him that her phone had received a notice of a huge deposit.

"All we could think of was who would knock on our door to demand that money, because we don't know anyone who has that much money," James told local media.

James, who previously worked as a law enforcement officer for the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and now works as a real estate agent, said he had never considered keeping the money and called JPMorgan Chase, which transferred the money, before correcting the mistake four days later.

"We knew it wasn't ours and we didn't win it, so we couldn't do anything with it," James stated.

A spokesman for the bank said in a statement: “We encountered a technical glitch more than a week ago that affected a limited number of accounts, but the problem was resolved and customer balances returned to what they were before the glitch. ”

James described how he felt like a billionaire, even for a brief moment, and said, "It was a wonderful feeling seeing the zeros that follow the numbers in your account.

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