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Asian to serve life sentence for murder in Dubai


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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced an Asian driver to life in jail, to be followed by deportation on charges of murdering a relative due to ill-treatment.

Details of the case date back to June 2019 when one of the victim’s roommate reported that one of his roommates murdered another.

The man testified that he woke up on the screaming of the victim and saw the suspect stabbing the victim with a knife.

He also said he shouted for help and a second witness said he heard the first witness shouting then he called the ambulance and the police.

When the police arrived at the scene, the witness said he accompanied them to where the suspect was, outside the apartment stained with blood.

A police officer reported that when he arrived at the place, the victim was lying on the ground with stabs in his stomach and injuries in the neck.

He added that the suspect confessed to killing the victim because he used to treat him badly.

The witness testified that on the day of the incident, the suspect asked the victim to clean the room where they stayed, holding a knife in his hand with which he stabbed the victim in the chest and different places of his body.

The Court of First Instance sentenced the suspect to 10 years’ imprisonment, to be followed by deportation.

The suspect appealed and the Appellate Court sentenced him to life in jail.  

The Court of Cassation referred the case to another judiciary that upheld the life in jail and deportation.

Earlier, an Asian duo was prosecuted by the Dubai Public Prosecution on forgery and robbery charges, after stealing forging official documents to steal a school bus and sell it for Dhs34,000.

The incident dates back to last February, when a report was filed by the victim company stating that the school bus had been stolen and its GPS shows that it is located at a car showroom in Sharjah.

Police investigations were carried out and a tip-off had lead them to the involvement of the two defendants. Soon after, the defendants were ambushed and placed under arrest.

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