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Missing 9-year-old boy found inside 4-metre deep pit


The 9-year-old boy poses for a photograph.

Gulf Today Report

In a heart wrenching incident, a nine-year-old boy who went missing in Kuwait, prompting widespread search across the nation, has been found in a sewage pit.

The Civil Defence and Police found the missing boy inside a 4-metre deep pit.

The young boy accidentally fell in the pit and could not come out in the Khaitan area.

The Egyptian family earlier reported that their 9-year-old boy was missing since Tuesday evening near their home in Khaitan without a trace.

The deep pit was partially covered by wood making it difficult for the authorities to locate the boy.    

Elite firefighters rescued the child from the deep pit.

A video of the incident shared on social media showed the child waving at a huge crowd.

Residents have praised the Civil Defence members for their swift action in finding the boy.

The child was transferred to hospital and a thorough medical check up revealed that the boy was in good health.

Authorities have registered a case over the negligence of some officials to leave a deep pit open in residential area.

Parents have been urged to keep an eye on their children and their whereabouts to avoid such horrible incidents.  

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