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Harmony key attribute of UAE’s society


The UAE has a special place in the hearts of the expatriates.

Jamil Khan, Senior Reporter

Even prior to becoming a part of the United Arab Emirates in 1971, Dubai always attracted expatriates from the Indian subcontinent. Not just skilled people but also non-skilled persons or businessmen from different parts of the sub-continent came here. The father of Praful P Dhakan, a 53-year-old Indian, was among those who reached Dubai on a ship after spending 5 days in the sea. Praful P Dhakan was born in 1969 in Dubai.

Sharing his life story with Gulf Today, Praful P Dhakan said, “I have had the unique privilege of watching this city, and the UAE as a whole, transform and thrive, almost with astonishing speed. It feels like yesterday when my father would tell me stories of how they had to keep a taxi on standby all night for when my mother went into labour with me because it was virtually impossible to summon a taxi when you needed it.”

Fathoming todays’ technology-era, he added, “And today, with a click of a button, you can get luxury transport delivered right to your door, ready to take you wherever you need to go. It is this vision of the leaders that has allowed the UAE to grow exponentially in all sectors, from aviation, tourism, business, entertainment to name a few.”

His father, after landing in the city of ‘high hopes,’ had started as a goldsmith in one of the few shops in Gold Souk, which today is also the world’s biggest market and gives Dubai its name as city of gold. Now he is running a gold jewellery business and residing in Dubai along with his wife and two sons.

Sharing his experience, Praful P Dhakan said, “In fact, in 1990 I had taken a trip to Italy and when I spoke to the locals there and told them I’m from Dubai, the city was not as popular that time as it is today. But 20 years later, when I revisited the city, people were absolutely fascinated and impressed to know that I live and run a business in the UAE and had so many questions about what life is like in this part of the world,” he said.

He further mentioned that the UAE has a special place in the hearts of the European people.

“The UAE has impressed many visitors. People consider it a dream travel destination and the country lives up to their expectations. This is a testament to the tremendous growth the country has seen in the last five decades,” he added.

He also extended his gratitude to the visionary leaders of the UAE and especially the Ruler of Dubai for creating a unique place and accommodating communities from all over the world.

He also said that the UAE is home to so many nationalities and communities and all are living together in harmony.

“Harmony is one of the biggest achievements of this country and its leaders. You get to see and celebrate all festivals here and enjoy cuisines of each and every country,” he added.

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